K9 Raw Dog Food Michigan

K9 & Paws Raw Dog Food, believes in raw nutrition as the best source of health for your pets.  As a K9 distributor,  Paws Raw Dog Food provides a top choice at affordable prices.

K9 & Paws Raw Dog Food wish to develop long term relationships with our pet owners who can rely on us to provide the highest nutrition raw dog food available today.  K9 makes all of there dog food in small batches, every single time.  They believe that a natural diet for dogs can be a proactive medicine. Giving the proper nutrition to a dog that is deficient in certain nutrients promotes healing. That is there main goal: to provide optimum nutrition for maximum health.

Benefits of K9 Natural Raw Dog Food:

  • Vibrant health, vitality, and longevity
  • Stronger immune system
  • Healthier skin and glossier coat
  • Better muscle tone and weight management
  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Smaller stools due to better digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Improved energy and endurance levels
  • Fewer vet visits
  • The only preservative they use is the freezer

More reasons to choose K9 Raw Dog Foods:

  • They only use the highest quality ingredients to ensure the highest quality nutrition, helping pets live their best and longest life.
  • They will only sell dog food that we would feed our own dogs.
  • They DO NOT use any meats from dead, dying, down, or distressed animals (3D or 4D meats).
  • They DO NOT use any chemicals or preservatives.